Thursday, July 09, 2009

FreeRTOS Port For MSP-EXP430F5438 Posted

The FreeRTOS IAR Project for the MSP-EXP430F5438 has been posted to my site - please download by: Demo

User: FreeRTOS
Pass: freertosIAR#1

To get the Winzip password - please: E-mail for the password - instructions are on my site. Note the http link for this file is currently broken.

Known Issues with the Port:

*) Timer for LCD PWM needs to be fixed.


To see the port run above 0xFFFF - you need to modify the linker command file - the command file is called out in the project - but it is not included with the files. Modify the code section appropriately to see code above the 64K Boundary running in the debugger.

For some reason, the Timer issue with the backlight control isn't such an issue if you are running with USB power and running the debugger - if you run with battery power, it is more pronounced. I will fix this issue shortly, or as an exercise, please feel free to move the LCD PWM Backlight timer to one of the many available timers.

Also - this is running the latest core as of this writing, v5.4.0.

Have Fun,


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